We have explored how we can get data out of APIs in the previous lesson. Today, we will dive deep on collecting data from APIs, and how we can get value out of it.

It is a lot more practice today with real-world data and APIs.

Objectives For Today

  • Working with Weather and City APIs
    • In this lesson today, we will be practicing more on how we can collect data from APIs.

Students Do: JSON Traversal

Students Do: Requests Review

OpenWeatherMap API

Let’s open up the file in the 03-Ins_OpenWeatherRequest folder to get started.

Students Do: Weather in Burundi

OpenWeatherMap DataFrame

Let’s open up the file(s) in the 05-Ins_OpenWeatherDataFrame folder to get started.

Students Do: TV Ratings DataFrame

Students Do: Weather Statistics

Exception Handling

Look at the file(s) in the 08-Ins_ExceptionHandling folder.

Students Do: Making Exceptions

Student Do: API Call Exceptions

World Bank API

Let’s open up the file(s) in the 11-Ins_WorldBankAPI to get started.

We are going to explore the world bank website here: https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/topics/125589-developer-information

Students Do: Two Calls