Here we are introducing data collection through APIs, one of the most common ways of getting data from the internet.

Knowing how to use APIs will be key for data profiling and performing exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Intro To Requests

Let’s open up the file(s) in the 01-Ins_RequestsIntro folder to get started.

This is a little more technical, and part of the data collection phase for data analysts, scientists and engineers.

The idea is to understand the concept, and how to use the APIs. The inner workings of how the APIs work isn’t important for this lesson.

Students Do: Requesting SpaceX

Manipulating Responses

Let’s open up the file in the 03-Ins_ManipulatingResponses folder to get started.

Students Do: Requesting a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Students Do: Number Facts – API Application


Let’s open up the file(s) in the 06-Ins_OMDbRequests to get started.

We will be using the OMDb API ( for the next few exercises.

Students Do: Study the OMDb API

When we see a new API, we will do the following items:

  • Data Profiling through:
    • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    • Data Gap Analysis (DGA)

Students Do: Movie Questions

Iterative Requests

Let’s open up the file(s) in the 09-Ins_IterativeRequests to get started.

Students Do: Movie Iterative Requests


Let’s open up the file(s) in the 11-Ins_NYTAPI to get started.

Students Do: Retrieving Articles