When I first started this site, the objective was simple. That was to help nourish my ex-students with more skills and knowledge than what the coursework provided for when I taught the Data Visualization Bootcamp at the University of Miami.

But I was hit by a sudden surge of bad news in a month right after I completed the coursework for my students. My grandmother passed away, and in the same month, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

At that point, I lost all momentum, and focused solely on my day job. I had to prepare to travel often as I work thousands of miles away from my homeland, and this site had to be shelved because of other priorities.

However, work is ever-increasing in the tech world, and I needed to find a way to store and keep my knowledge. Sure, I make a lot of notes and write a lot, but I find myself unable to keep up with my own notes because there is too much information.

And so, I’m going to strategize this site into keeping all my notes and using it as a launchpad for my work. It doesn’t deviate from trying to teach and impart skills to others, but it will include other tech topics other than data science.

Stuff like maintaining a website, Amazon Web Services, and how to create CI/CD pipelines. These skills are necessary since I became a manager of data engineering, and though my primary focus is still data science, I needed to make sure my work is reliable when it’s rolled out into production.

So there will be a slight change in content strategy, but the focus remains the same. That is to bridge and simplify tech for everybody.