Today there is a lot of practice with plotting rather than learning new things. We are moving from pre-generated data to actual real-world data in our visualizations.

Students Do: PyPlot Warmup

Plotting Pandas Data

Let’s open up the file in the 02-Ins_PandasPlot to get started.

From here on, We are going to introduce Pandas data into our visualizations.

Students Do: Union Settlements

Plotting Groups

Let’s open up the file(s) in the 04-Ins_GroupPlots folder to get started.

Students Do: Library Usage: Grouped Charts

Students Do: Miles per Gallon: Scatter Plot

Plotting Multiple Lines

Look at the file(s) in the 07-Ins_PandasMultiLine folder.

The following activities are designed to work together in groups, and so it will give a taste of how group work will look like.

We are approaching group work in 2 weeks’ time, and it is important to warm up towards collaborating in groups.

Students Do: Traveling Companions, Part 1

Students Do: Traveling Companions, Part 2

Students Do: Traveling Companions, Part 3